Saturday 4 September 2021

Game 1 - Welcome to the Cybar

Our story started at an Aldecaldos (Nomad family) gathering. There was talk that Matt Reacher one of the lead Scouts for the clan had made a discovery and time was of the essence to make the most of it.

What he'd found was a local Biotechnica site that had a damaged transport vehicle with a large collection of cyber limbs loaded waiting for shipping. These could get enough money to see the Nomads through the next few months. 

They put out a call for a Netrunner to break through the ICE and any security on the vehicle.

This was answered by Nolan P Cooper. He wanted access to Biotechnica for his own reasons and was willing to use the Nomads for security while he did. He had long been researching consciousness upload and had realised breaching one of their local research facilities would give him enough data access to make an attempt at digital immortality but it would mean leading the Nomads on a merry dance setting up the necessary data links.

Cooper's disruption of the first nodes’ data flow, flagged the interest of Biotechnica's area command program (Komand) which was looking for a trip in the opposite direction.

The Komand Program was a person who had their consciousness transferred to the net but then was reprogrammed to become the controller for Biotechnica security in the local area. Komand's reprogramming has been slipping and they have been trying to break out for a long time.

Only one transfer was possible in the time available and the operators were faced with a tricky decision.