To emulate Netrunning we provide our players with Android tablets in 3D printed cases to make them easier to carry and a little more robust. These are provided for your enjoyment in-game so don't worry too much about them getting knocked about as they are low value and we have many spares.

Each hacking task is emulated with local WiFi hotspots that the tablets are pre-configured to connect to.

If the tablet has gone to sleep, double-tap the screen and it will wake up. Then slide your finger up from the bottom of the screen to open it: there is no lock code.

Usually, when close to the hacking task the Tablet will show as connected in the notification area at the top of the screen and give you an option to 'Log in'. If it doesn't tap the 'Hack' icon on the screen which will connect you.

Some tasks are co-operative and require you all to work on the same thing. Some tasks are solo.

Here's a quick video demonstrating how the tasks work, but at games we will try and make time to show you the system and give you a chance to practice on a dummy task in case anything has changed.