Medical System

A Life on the Edge uses the UKLTA Lasertag system for its medical system. This makes the process mostly automated with your sensor taking care of how long it is before you re-join the game or if you're down, your 'death count'.

We do have some bookkeeping but that falls on the Medic characters as the concept of rolling consequences also applies to injuries. Keep getting shot in the leg and it quickly gets beyond easy repair necessitating a Cyberware replacement.


Three Medkits

These can get a chummer back on their feet or perk them up before the action.

Using up a vial from a Medkit gives the recipient an instant +2 hits. You can only use a Medkit once per scene/linear on a person.

Not got a Medkit, maybe look into getting some Wakey Wakeys which anybody can use but have a comedown.


The SIAB is an all-in-one scanner and diagnosis device it helps hurried Medics get to the meat of the problem quickly.

Unlike a Medkit, the SIAB fully diagnoses you injury and with help from a Medic can get you back fully into the action.

When a Medic uses a SIAB it will diagnose your injury and set your sensor to reset after a short period (1-8 minutes) where you are conscious but can't act. Depending on the severity of the injury you've been told about you should maybe roleplay being in pain etc. Once your sensor resets and you hear the 'startup' noise you are fully back in the game.

Usually there are one or two SIABs in the hands of Player Combat Medics in the game. One SIAB is also kept by the Ripperdoc Florence Knightingale and you'll need to get the person back to their surgery for treatment from them.