The notable people of A Life on the Edge


A Life on the Edge relies on 'patrons' to give the players jobs, support, help and sometimes advice if needed. They will usually be found hanging around the Cybar.

Please don't shoot the Patrons, you'll only annoy the refs.

Adam Stevenson

Adam is the barkeep of the Cybar and acts as a source of information, occasional work and resources such as ammunition and weapons for the operators who work out of it. Everything that happens at The Cybar happens on Adam's say-so.

Florence Knightingale

Trusted Ripperdoc Florence works in a clinic opposite the Cybar and is the operators' main source of medical assistance and where they spend most of their money. She also has a side order in information and when things are quiet runs a game of roulette or poker on the side.

Anton Fedorov

Anton is a fixer known to hang around at the Cybar and give out jobs to any operators there. Despite the Russian heritage it’s obvious his family has been in London for a long time and is fully integrated.

Anton has a brother Vasili who none of the operators have ever met but he insists is a dangerous man who he’ll set on you if you cross him.

The Faceless want to kill Anton but you don't know why. 

Scars Alice

Alice is a senior Nomad who runs a loan business. You might call her a loan shark but she’d punch you out for that. She makes damn sure she gets paid.

She will loan money quite freely to operators knowing her reputation ensures she won’t get stiffed.

The territory The Cybar sits in 'belongs' to Alice so she's somebody who has a lot of sway locally.


The operators have made a few enemies over time. People who if seen outside the pax of the Cybar will try to kill them and for whom they should maybe try to return the favour.


Gang leader of Maelstrom. An icy violent psychopath that the operators have had run-ins with before. 

Warcrimes is a poster boy for Cyberpsychosis and it's expected he'll go on a full rampage some time soon and get taken out by Max-Tac.

Neutral parties

The Alchemist

Fixer with an anonymous persona that works through intermediaries, see Dodge to contact them.

The Bosun

The operators' contact with Blackbeard's Boys. There's an amount of mutual distrust ever since they got heat from a job gone wrong but you can probably still go to them offering cash for work and not get shivved.


The shadowy power behind the Boys, if things get bad he may make an appearance.

Face of the Faceless

This figure is most likely not one person.

Seen frequently as a representative of The Faceless wearing a mesmerising video mask they negotiate, offer and threaten on behalf of the whole collective. Angering The Faceless will end badly for you but they will almost always open with an offer rather than a threat.

Master Keaton Chavez

Leader of The Inquisition and writer of their holy book "At One With Body And Soul".