The groups, organisations and gangs


With the decay of civil society, gangs are ubiquitous. Sometimes this means violent nut-jobs, sometimes it's more like extended family.


  • Allegiance: Independent
  • Imagery: Leather, spikes, Mohican haircuts

Maelstrom are a classic 'booster gang', united by their love of cyberwear and chemical enhancement. They can be extremely violent and run all manner of crime endeavours to maintain their lifestyle. Their leader 'Warcrimes' is a particularly scary individual.

Blackbeard’s Boys

  • Allegiance: Linked to Sov Oil
  • Imagery: Pirate clobber

The Boys are a 'combat gang' who've fixated on a pop culture version of ancient seagoing privateers for their structure. They can be violent but are more often people you can pay to do a dirty job and they'll do it. Cross them though and there will be hell to pay. Mostly you'll see 'The Bosun' when dealing with them but 'Blackbeard' is in the background issuing orders.

The Faceless

  • Allegience: Independent
  • Imagery: Plain or mesmerising face masks, simple clothing

The Faceless are closer to a cult than a gang. When you become one of The Faceless you surrender reputation, money, gear, weapons etc. It all goes to most appropriate member. It’s a collective.

The Faceless are expanding their numbers and territory quickly often through acts of transactional assistance. They will help you if you join them. When you're truly desperate it can seem a good offer. Nobody knows what happens if you try to leave.

The Inquisition

  • Allegiance: Unknown
  • Image: white shirts, black trousers and black ties, like stereotypical Mormons. They may have copies of the book "At One With Body And Soul" with them which they consider holy.

The Inquisition are a growing number of people who believe in the sanctity of the human body and soul. They see the addition of technology as a corruption of the body and the cause of a disconnect between body and soul.

Some of them fear the chance that their body could be taken over through using Cyberware. 

They are going for a more evangelical model recently and engaging a media campaign to promote their views. More militant members are suspected of forcibly removing Cyberware from its owner.


The extra-urban and usually less violent response to the collapse are the Nomads. Great sprawling pseudo-families, some more on the move than others. Sometimes looking for work, safety or victims depending on their temperament and the moment.

Notable Nomad groups include

  • Aldecaldos
  • Adam Stevenson’s family
  • The Goodhearts