Saturday 27 May 2023

Game 3 - The best deal

A large number of operators gather at the Cybar, hoping to find out what was happening in the area. This led to an auction and a gun deal, with a side order of personal deals going on.

Having stolen Militech missiles previously the hopeful operators arranged an auction. The notorious Maelstrom bossman known as ‘Warcrimes’ made his presence felt but failed to have his bid accepted. This led to the missiles being sold to a mysterious individual called ‘The Alchemist’, who was vouched for by Dodge.

‘Scars’ Alice, the head of the local Nomad family (who allow the Cyber to operate) asked some people to escort Henry Harcourt to bank a cheque (a what?) for her. This meant going into Maelstrom territory on the edge of the City which could have gone very badly given how Warcrimes had just been snubbed. Fortunately, Henry’s Corporate skills at negotiating and fixing problems came to the fore and everything went smoothly. At a cost…

An ex-employee of Militech going by the alias Millie who has been taken in by the Cybar operators (after they killed the rest of her team) asked for some help to retrieve some of her personal items from across town. This led the operators to meet the Inquisition, an ideological group who believe Cyberware is a curse not a blessing. A difference of opinion on this preceded a gunfight that the Inquisition swiftly lost, being missionaries after all, not badasses.

Before the operators could deliver the stolen missiles, Adam the owner of the Cybar hired a few of the operators to be protection for an arms deal with Jimmy Five Fingers a known but shady fence/fixer Adam regularly deals with. It turned out Jimmy was trying to quickly fence hot, stolen Militech weapons. Militech turned up to retrieve them and arrests were made but after a dash of smart talking and exchange of cash their loyalty was found to be flexible. 

Eventually it was time for the missile delivery but it was intercepted by the Malstrom. Warcrimes followed through on the veiled threats he’d muttered at the auction earlier and a group of heavily cybered up gangers arrived to take the goods by force, so things did not end as planned…