Equipment price list and details


  • Pistol ES250 dot1 15 rounds 
  • Submachinegun ES400 dot1 30 rounds  
  • Assault rifle ES600 dot2 30 rounds 
  • Machinegun/LMG ES700 dot2 100 rounds 
  • Shotgun ES450 dot3 8 rounds 
  • Sniper rifle ES800 dot3 8 rounds 


  • Pistol ES15 
  • Submachinegun ES30 
  • P90 ES50 
  • Assault Rifle ES60 
  • Machinegun ES200 
  • Shotgun ES25 
  • Sniper rifle ES50 


  • Light Armour: +1 hit point ESFree 
  • Medium Armour (flack vest): +2 hit points ES250
  • Medium Armour (armoured business suit/high fashion outfit): +2 hit points ES375
  • Heavy  Armour (full body, flack vest, pauldrons & greaves): +4 hit points ES500
  • Helmet: +1 hit point ES150
  • Super Heavy (full body costume & helmet, heavy and bulky – think RoboCop): +7 hit points ES1000 


  • First aid kit ES100 three applications stops the bleed out counter. (usable by anybody)
  • Medics kit restores 2 hit points ES300 3 applications use once per person per scene. (Soldier/Scout/Medtech)
  • SIAB full hit points unlimited use ES1000 (Medtech only)

Combat Drugs

  • Surge +5 hits, but the comedown hurts (-1 hits/10 minutes) ES250
  • Wakey wakey 75% heal to starting hits (-1 hit/60 minutes) ES500
  • Berserker +10 hits, but the consequences are immediate (-1 hits/1 minute) ES750


  • Cyberdeck ES1000 (Netrunner only)
  • Cyberdeck programs ESvaries
  • Secure Radio ES100 (Scout only)
  • Handheld Agent (net connection to find out information) ES250
  • Trauma Team Card (single use) ES1000


  • Neural controller – Basic (necessary for all cyber wear; single Skillchip slot) ES150 
  • Neural controller – Advanced (necessary for all cyber wear; two Skillchip slots) ES300
  • Neural controller – Ultimate (necessary for all cyber wear; three Skill chip slots) ES600 
  • Replacement limb (cybernetic equivalent of normal limb, no bonuses) ES1000 
  • Upgraded cyber arm (allows use of melee attack/cyber punch (tooth and claw rules)) ES3000 
  • Cyber torso (cybernetic replacement for normal torso, no bonuses) ES1000 
  • Upgraded cyber torso (+2 hit points) ES3000
  • Implanted Agent (net connection to find out information) ES400 
  • Cyber radio implant (use PMR with ear piece/head set) ES200
  • Subdermal armour (+2 hit points) ES750 
  • Implanted cyber deck (enhancement to cyber arm) ES1500
  • Cyber eye with video camera ES400
  • Braindance recorder ES750

Skillchips (ES500 each)

  • Medic – use of Med kits (not SIAB)
  • Armour – use of Medium armour
  • Tank (Soldiers only) – use of Super Heavy armour
  • Sub machine gun
  • Assault rifle/LMG
  • Sniper rifles
  • Shotguns

Cyberware notes

Phys-reps should be used where possible for Cyberware, particularly for replacement limbs. We have a number of light foam props that can be used for this but they may not fit all people so please speak to us if you would like to use one

Net connection and cyber radio implant requires OOC smart phone/radio which cannot be removed from character IC