Saturday 17 September 2022

Game 2 - Life on the Edge

Having earned a good reputation by helping out the Aldecaldos and freeing Komand, Anton arrived with a gift from the Nomads and a promise of work for the operators, especially the Netrunners.

An investigative journalist was trying to dig up information on dodgy practices in the lucrative implants market and offered 5000ES for a small team to go and break into Samson Components, taking any data they could harvest.

After a run-in with The Faceless and a supply run for Florence Knightingale, the operators encountered a squad of Militech guards somehow lost and confused by the Cybar's jamming field.

When it became clear they could not be allowed to leave with knowledge of the Cybar's existence drastic action was taken.

One guard pleaded for their life and handed over information on where there was top notch Militech gear ripe for the taking and a heist was planned.

Monday 13 June 2022

Extraction Point

We are pleased to announce that Game 2 of A Life on the Edge will feature at Extraction Point (16/9 - 18/9 2022), in the Saturday evening slot.

See general information about Extraction Point on the UKLTA Facebook group.