Life on the Edge runs as approximately three hour games hosted as part of the UKLTA anthology events Dropzone and Extraction Point.

So far all events have been in the late evening, running from roughly 20:30-11:00 or later depending on the flow of the game.

UKLTA's home site is The Grange, just outside Coventry in the UK midlands. The Grange offers camping and we would expect many of our players to camp, although some do book in to local hotels. The Grange has no cooking facilities for players but offers a catering option, bookable in advance as well as a café that is open during some parts of the day.

What to bring

All UKLTA games require you to carry an effective light source, probably a hand-held torch and a loud whistle at all times. This is so you can find your way in the dark and if necessary blow the whistle to call for help.

Most characters will be armed, for which you will need a UKTLA compatible Lasertag weapon. All characters must wear a UKLTA compatible Lasertag sensor, even if unarmed. If you do not have either of these, UKLTA can provide loan items for a small fee.

Beyond that there are no real specifics for A Life on the Edge. We provide all the equipment to do with the in-game medical system, 'blippers' to simulate combat drugs, cash, valuables, ammunition phys-reps, PMR walkie-talkies for Scout players (although you can use your own) and 'cyberdecks' for Netrunner players (which we insist you use rather than your phone). Having a small bag (or lots of pockets) to carry your stuff, especially ammunition, is useful.

Just dress awesome.

As it's outdoor LARP, sturdy footwear is sensible and make sure you're not going to boil or freeze in whatever the weather is doing at the time of the event.

The Cybar does not sell actual drinks and consumption of alcohol is forbidden during all UKLTA games although we may have some soft drinks or water available inside. We usually have a few chairs set up for if you're tired and fancy a sit down.

The inside of both the Cybar and The Ripperdoc's surgery are well lit for the whole game so if there's stuff you want to do, retiring there for it makes lots of sense. They also have a decent roof in the case of poor weather. The rest of the time you will need those torches though so make sure they're good but also not too blinding.

The site is small enough that there is probably no need for you to carry a drink with you and you can always pop back to the area near the toilets where drinking water is available.


Our events have some accessibility challenges as they are outdoor activities where participants move about light woodland after dark.

The areas used for play have well trod paths between them but cover slightly varying elevation and soft ground. So it is possible to move around with less than perfect mobility (which some of our participants have), and none of the distances involved are large. 

An 'off road' wheelchair or mobility scooter user might be able to participate fully but we have yet to have somebody attempt this. For those not able to move around the site, having the game focused at The Cybar does allow participation but will restrict which parts of the event are available, so it would be best if you spoke to us about this before booking.