The Cybar

Cybar is a bar that has been built by a small number of Nomads in a reforested area of Biotechnica land. Reforestation is a currently trendy form of 'greenwashing' amongst the corporations.

The land it is built on was owned by Adam Stevenson’s mother, but was swallowed up by Biotechnica in a mass purchase 10 years ago.

This fact is hotly contested by Adam – he claims that his mother would never have agreed to sell the land, and that she went missing at the time of the land grab (believed killed by Biotechnica) so could not have sold the land to them regardless.

Without his mother being confirmed dead Adam could not lay claim to the land or contest Biotechnica’s claim to have purchased the land legitimately.

A Netrunner friend of Adam’s has managed to build an amalgamation of hardware and software which creates a jamming field that keeps the security drones away from the area, interferes with GPS locally and covers up the power usage of the site. 

The site has grown to be a mini village which Adam thinks of as a “lost city”. Its location is known to Nomad groups and is being used as a hiding location for those that need to lie low.

A form of pax operates at The Cybar. Even the most disliked of characters are allowed to enter it, although if the encounter later becomes violent that's just the way of the world.

It is vitally important to keep the site a secret from Corporations – Adam will insist on this during any encounters/incidents which could lead to the site’s discovery by the Corps.